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Your Creditors Won’t Go Away If You Ignore Them

If you are searching for a trustworthy bankruptcy lawyer, chances are it’s because you have discovered that the bill collectors don’t go way. In fact, even if the credit card company you signed up with stops calling, they will probably sell their debt to a sub-collection agency…who may sell it to yet another company.

Ignoring your creditors won’t do anything to solve your personal debt problems. In fact, it is exactly the wrong thing to do. Every time you don’t answer the phone or respond to a collection letter, you are taking one step closer to a court action that may include wage garnishment, a lien against your property, car repossession or mortgage foreclosure.

Did You Know?
The day you file bankruptcy with the court, there will be an automatic stay (stop) put on any debt collector legal actions being taken against you. All further contact from them must go through your lawyer.

We Will Work To Earn Your Trust

If you want to stop creditor harassment and put an end to bill collectors once and for all, you have two options, either pay your bill or file for bankruptcy. Chances are, if you could pay the bill, you would have.

We are the debt relief lawyers of Hoard Law, P.C., with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Chicago, Illinois. We are not a bankruptcy mill law firm you may see advertised on late night television or radio. We are a team of honest, hard-working attorneys who understand your circumstances. From the moment you start working with us, you will know that we care about building your trust and confidence.

Let us review your debt circumstances and explain:

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