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Get Your House Payment Back Down

For decades, millions of Americans have taken out second mortgage home equity loans, based on the increased value of their homes. Then the Great Recession of 2008 hit and property values fell; in many cases below the original value they purchased the house for. Today, millions of Americans are “under water” with their house values, owing more to the bank on their first and second mortgages than what their home is worth on the market.

If you took out a second mortgage and are now having trouble paying the additional amount on your monthly mortgage payment, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help. In some cases, if your property value is now lower than the value when you took out the home equity loan, you can “strip off” the second mortgage by, including it in your Chapter 13 debt consolidation plan.

Trusted Bankruptcy Attorneys To Help You Get Rid Of A Second Mortgage

We are the bankruptcy lawyers of Hoard Law, P.C., in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Chicago, Illinois. We will explain the process of stripping off a second mortgage, as well as ways Chapter 13 can help you reduce or totally eliminate your debt in just three to five years.

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