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Eliminate Your Debts Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows individuals and families to completely eliminate most types of personal debt. Imagine your life, free from the heavy burden of high interest rates, penalties and fees placed on you by credit card companies and other lenders. Through Chapter 7, you can make that fresh start a reality.

The Bible’s Book of Deuteronomy proclaims, “Every seven years, you shall grant a remission of debts.” Credit card companies and banks, however, don’t agree.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys You Can Trust

Hoard Law, P.C. has offices in Charlotte and Chicago and serves clients who need real debt relief throughout North Carolina and Illinois. Our lawyers take time to listen to your concerns about bankruptcy, break myths about what bankruptcy will do to your future and explain the steps to filing. We handle everything.

In most cases, our clients are finished with the bankruptcy process in as little as four months. The day you file, your creditors are required to stop all legal actions against you. If they call, just tell them to talk to your lawyer!

What Debts Can You Discharge Through Chapter 7?

Not every type of debt can be completely eliminated through Chapter 7 and remember, your creditors will have their day in court to try to defend themselves. But generally, these are the types of debts that you will be able to include when you file:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Payday loans
  • Consumer bank loans
  • Tax debt after conditions have been met

Don’t Lose Your Wages, Your House Or Your Car
If you are facing wage garnishment, losing your house or having the bank repossess your car, filing Chapter 7 will stop the legal process. When you file Chapter 7, you can keep your house and car by “reaffirming” the debt and continuing to make monthly payments.

The Means Test

In order to file Chapter 7, you will have to take a means test to determine whether you qualify. Most people we work with qualify. If you don’t, you will qualify for Chapter 13, which allows you to consolidate every type of debt into a single payment, supervised by a bankruptcy court trustee.

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