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Chapter 13: The Right Way To Consolidate Your Debt

Tired of creditors’ collections calls? Don’t think you will ever see your way free from debt?

Don’t be fooled by debt consolidation companies and nonprofit organizations offering to negotiate with your creditors. For a large majority of people, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the only way to lump all of your debts into a single restructured debt plan, supervised by a bankruptcy court trustee.

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which restricts the types of debt you can discharge, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to include ALL OF YOUR DEBT. Through Chapter 13, you will really reduce the total debt you owe and eliminate your remaining debt when you are finished with your debt repayment plan; typically in just three to five years. In many cases, the single monthly bill you pay to the bankruptcy court will be lower than the total amount of all the bills you are currently juggling.

Tired Of Hearing From Bill Collectors?
Don’t ignore your creditors when they call. They won’t go away just because you don’t answer the phone. The day you officially file for bankruptcy with our law firm, you can tell bill collectors they have to talk to your lawyer. All legal actions against you must come to an immediate stop.

Bankruptcy Lawyers You Can Trust — Not A Bankruptcy Mill

If Chapter 13 sounds right for you, talk to an attorney at Hoard Law, P.C. with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Chicago, Illinois. We are a team of hard-working, honest attorneys who will work to build your trust. We are not a “bankruptcy mill” law that handles thousands of cases every year. We will take the time to listen to your concerns about the process and explain how Chapter 13 can help you get a fresh start you need and deserve for your family.

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can often reduce or extend payments on the total amount of debt you owe on:

  • Credit cards
  • Consumer bank loans
  • Second mortgage loans
  • Student loans
  • Medical bills
  • Tax arrears
  • Alimony payments
  • Loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA)

Have you heard some bad things about filing for bankruptcy? Let us break those myths and help you understand the truth.

The benefits of Chapter 13 often outweigh the benefits of Chapter 7. Let us show you how. Call us at 704-954-8094, or use the email contact form to arrange a meeting with one of our attorneys in the Charlotte or Chicago office.

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