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Michael Hoard

Charlotte, NC | Chicago, IL

Michael was raised on the south side of Chicago and used the poverty and violence to fuel his passion for success. Michael Hoard has been licensed in Illinois since 1999 and licensed in North Carolina since 2010. He also argued appeals in the Illinois Appellate Courts, Illinois Supreme Court and the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.

Brittany Smith

Charlotte, NC

Brittany Smith is a Legal Assistant at Hoard Law, P.C. Born and raised in Denmark, SC a small town known for its Dogwood Trees and home of the Denmark Dogwood Festival. She is a dedicated, hard worker who always goes the extra mile to get the job done.

Tamra Crawford

Charlotte, NC

Tamra Crawford was born and raised in Rochester, NY. Coming from the cold state of New York, she is happy to be in Charlotte, NC enjoying the nice weather and people. As a former teacher, Tamra is passionate about children and making a better world for the next generation through activism. When not working as a legal assistant at Hoard Law, Tamra is with family, friends or singing with her band.

Brianna Forté

Charlotte, NC

Brianna, born and raised in Charlotte, NC spending most of her childhood in Hidden Valley and Beatties Ford. Now residing on the south side, she has enjoyed seeing the changes and growth within the city. She handles a handful of tasks with our company.