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But let justice roll on like a river,
righteousness like a never-failing stream!

-Amos 5:24

Honest, Reasonable, Principled Legal Advocacy

Our lawyers bring together years of knowledge and experience
in debt relief, real estate, personal injury and criminal defense; making
sure that every client we serve receives the best effort we can give.

In person assistance

Limited paper work

Phone consultations.

Built On A Foundation Of
Integrity, Honesty And Trust

In every legal matter, there is nothing more important than building a strong bond of trust between client and attorney. From the moment you meet with us to discuss your legal needs, we will start working to build that trust.

Throughout your case, we will remain responsive to your calls and messages; we will keep you informed about the progress of your case; and we will empower you with knowledge to make the right decisions.

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Although the Charlotte Region’s Property Market is Weakening, Finding Affordable Homes is Tough

Although the Charlotte region's property market is weakening, finding affordable homes is tough. One of the main conclusions is that there is a great need for housing but not enough supply. Additionally, there are affordability issues. NC CHARLOTTE — The new 2022 State of Housing in Charlotte Report, published by UNC Charlotte's Childress Klein Center…

Attorney for Estate Planning in Charlotte

Preparing for an attorney for estate planning in Charlotte. This is your chance to share how much you valued your family. Through your distributions, you share your tale of how you decided to lessen the suffering of your loved ones after your death by deciding what they should do "now" for you "tomorrow". You can…

Bank of America is now Giving Zero-down Mortgages to First-time Black and Latino Homeowners

Bank of America is now giving zero-down mortgages to first-time Black and Latino homeowners. Last week, Bank of America announced sweeping changes to its top management, including big shifts for two of Charlotte's most renowned banking executives. Bank of America is introducing a new program in Charlotte and many other locations that will provide Black…



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