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But let justice roll on like a river,
righteousness like a never-failing stream!

-Amos 5:24

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Our lawyers bring together years of knowledge and experience
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sure that every client we serve receives the best effort we can give.

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In every legal matter, there is nothing more important than building a strong bond of trust between client and attorney. From the moment you meet with us to discuss your legal needs, we will start working to build that trust.

Throughout your case, we will remain responsive to your calls and messages; we will keep you informed about the progress of your case; and we will empower you with knowledge to make the right decisions.

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The median house price in Charlotte reached a record $393,000. However, there is an upside for purchasers.

Median Home Price in Charlotte hits Record High A recent housing market analysis reveals that the median home price in Charlotte has reached another record high. As of April, the most recent month for which data is available, the median house selling price in Charlotte was a record-breaking $393,344, according to RE/most MAX's recent National…

Homeowner Relief Fund: North Carolina establishes a $273 million fund to assist homeowners with mortgage payments

North Carolina Homeowner Relief Fund The North Carolina Homeowner Relief Fund is now accepting applications from homeowners whose finances have been affected by the epidemic and who need assistance with housing-related expenditures. The Fund was established through the 2021 American Rescue Plan to prevent mortgage delinquencies, defaults, displacements, and foreclosures for homeowners experiencing financial difficulties…

Medical Debt: How Nonprofit Hospitals Contribute to the Debt Crisis in North Carolina

According to a recent analysis by the North Carolina State Health Plan, several of the state's nonprofit hospitals "charged the poor approximately three times the national average." 12 to 30 percent of people with medical debt were eligible for charity treatment in 2019, but did not get it. Instead, 'charitable' hospitals taxed patients and pursued…



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